Friday, 15 August 2014

Top 10 Friday!

I'm thinking of starting a 'Top 10 Friday' sort of affair on my blog every Friday...

This idea came about after my 10 Things I've Enjoyed This Week post I did last week.

So, here comes the second instalment!

1. The world lost an absolute legend and comedian this week. I can't tell you how many times I literally cried, after finding out about the death of Robin Williams. He was a part of my childhood I cannot ever forget, and I couldn't even if I tried! RIP Robin. 

2. Call me late, but I finally watched Mean Girls this week. I know, I know, you must think I've been hiding under a rock! But, due to everyone always saying them, I know all the quotes! It was a matter of time before I finally watched the movie. And I LOVED it!

3. This recipe greatly improved my week.

4. This Buzzfeed quiz makes me realise I'm even more selfish than I think...

5. This blog post made my Friday morning!

6. Salads are everything. Especially this one that I HAVE to try!

7. This is what I call taking things a bit too far.

8. Warning! Tear jerker up ahead!

10. No link for the last one. But I am SO excited for stationary shopping!!!!! 

Thanks, and I'll see you in the next one!

Malensu x 

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  1. My heart broke when I heard Robin Williams had passed away, he played such a huge and in my childhood. Its so sad. How have you only just watched Mean Girls?? The best thing about that movie is the unforgettable quotes. You are not the only one who is so so so excited for stationary shopping!!!!!

    Great post :)
    Gabby @

    1. The news about Robin Williams was such a shock :'( But, I can't wait for stationary shopping! I just need to get my college interview out of the way first!

      Malensu x

  2. I've been looking forward to going stationary shopping too! Don't you just love Mean Girls?

    1. I'm far too excited for stationary shopping! I get super hyped!! And Mean Girls is such a brilliant movie! XD

      Malensu x